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ATC CA2 Mk2 stereo preamplifier
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ATC SCM 40, P2 & CA2 Mk2 - LP (Germany) review

ATC SCM 40, P2 & CA2 Mk2

ATC SCM 40, P2 & CA2 Mk2 - LP (Germany) review
  • "It´s been a very long time since we reviewed a system that offers such excellent value for money as the combination of CA2 Mk II preamp, P2 power amp and SCM 40 loudspeakers from ATC.  Everything is simply perfect: Elaborate technology, clean measurements, and most important – an absolutely outstanding sound quality."  Martin Mertens, LP Magazin

ATC CA2 & P1- Hi-Fi Choice reviewATC CA2 & P1- Hi-Fi Choice review

ATC P1 & CA2

ATC CA2 & P1- Hi-Fi Choice review
  • Large and spacious recorded acoustic, powerful bass and sparkling highs. Effortless dynamics, and a general insouciant ease when asked to reproduce powerful musical peaks.
  • The ATC combo places the different elements of the mix very accurately in space; both left to right and front to back. I am not used to hearing this song with such clarity; and extension to Paul McCartney’s vocals, which come over in a really intimate way – I almost get the feeling I am in the vocal booth with him.
  • This amplifier combo proves to have an excellent midband then, very transparent and with no small amount of space and depth.
  • An excellent performer, this is a true slice of affordable esoterica – you get a taste of what a really top-flight high-end pre-power amplifier will do, without having to remortgage your house in the process. The ATC CA2/P1 pre-power amplifier combination may be slightly quirky and fiddly in some ways – seeming very much the product of a specialist British manufacturer – yet it has great appeal to those that are interested in getting a serious bang for their buck, so to speak, and so it comes highly recommended
  • CA2: Clean, crisp and detailed sound; Effective performer that’s a fine partner for the P1
  • P1: Powerful, clean and very open sound; A hidden treasure – in power amplifier terms
ATC CA2 - What Hi-Fi 5 Stars review cover

ATC P1 & CA2

ATC CA2 - What Hi-Fi 5 Stars review
  • If you want to hear the recording unvarnished, there are few better ways of doing it at this price level.
  • Transparent, honest and revealing
  • "Honesty shines through ... over the long term we think the CA-2/P1's greater honesty wins out"
ATC ATC P1 & CA2 - Hi-Fi + review cover

ATC P1 & CA2

ATC P1 & CA2 - Hi-Fi + review
  • The quality of timing is so good that the musical flow is totally unhampered, free to go where it wants to with a strong sense of purpose.
  • Despite having a slightly lower power rating than the Gamut, it has stronger bass. This underpins records like Antonio Forcione’s Tears of Joy to great effect, revealing more about the space he’s playing in than other amps...
  • Using both CA2 and P1 together through the 802Ds provided a full scale, full power experience that brings dynamic recordings to
  • If you want to hear the important musical detail presented in a coherent, clear-cut fashion this pairing has remarkably little competition in the two box arena.
ATC CA2 & P1 - Wave Magazine (Thailand) review cover

ATC CA2 & P1

ATC CA2 & P1 - Wave Magazine (Thailand) review
ATC CA2 & P1 - Wave Magazine (Thailand) review cover

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ATC CA2 Mk2 Features:

  • Hand built in the UK.
  • Ultra-low noise discrete design.
  • 6 phono inputs.
  • XLR and phono main outputs.
  • Additional Sub, Tape and Headphone outputs.
  • On-board RIAA phono stage.
  • 6 year warranty


Input Sensitivity: 600mV Unbalanced (2V Out)
Input Impedance: 12k ohms
Frequency Response (-3dB): DC – 500Khz
THD: >110dB
Dimensions (HxWxD): 90 x 445 x 330 mms
Weight: 7kg

ATC CA2 MK2 detail
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