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10 / 2006




Wolfram Eifert


 Our major comparison of the new stand-generation boxes to 800 euros brings the answer.





"Which box is the right one? Those with the best sound, you say, but it's also a question of musical tastes and listening habits. ... The sound is the right focus to the expectations of different target groups. The sound can be certain trends identified in externals. "
"The fact that it is relatively little money but very chic models, will ELAC with its new, strikingly elegant prove FS 127. Their sound wall is in all versions (silver, titanium, and cherry) in fine gloss varnish.
Similarly klassenunüblich is the base construction, which a number of advantages. It increases the stability of the lean and hochgewachsenen Box and improves the decoupling from the ground. In addition, the base an acoustic trick that soon make schools safe: The space between bottom plate and housing are an outlet for a second, hidden in boxes inside Bass Port ..., the connection to the area intensified and variable. "

"The FS 127 ... ... sounded very good. At their plasticity and joy enough detail at least in the Box Vorläufen no other approach."

"The ELAC sounds best"

"The ELAC bloomed formally ... it was in power and draught and loose with Quadral magnate record, surpassing both in color density and spaciousness."

"At best, but succeeded in the sensual game of the ELAC, the wonderfully relaxed and played the recording space of all ausleuchtete most thoroughly."

"... Who is more than gourmet defined, with the charming ELAC clearly best served."

"The role of the convertibles would send the ELAC, with gefühltem star on the hood and most emotions."

"Grazile standing with two base paths and expensive solution. Sounds remarkably plastic and multi-faceted, resulting in adult than they look. Test winner and highlight."

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