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ELAC 60.2 Series finishes
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ELAC FS 68.2 - Test Winner - PC Welt (Germany) review ELAC FS 68.2 - AUDIO (Germany) review
ELAC FS 68.2 - Test Wineer - AUDIO (Germany) review
ELAC FS 68.2 - AUDIO Poland review
  • TT175AS: doua difuzoarebass cu membrane sandwich hartie-aluminiu
  • MT140: difuzor medii cu membrana sandwich hartie-aluminiu si cu suspensie textila impregnata multipliu
  • Tweeter dome matase tratata 25mm

Respectand conceptul sunetului clar, FS 68.2 castiga imediat un loc in inima ascultatorului. Iubitorul de muzica este liber sa decida daca acest sunet echilibrat si neutru, cu note puternice si precise, cu reproducere convingatoare a detaliilor, se datoreaza noului difuzor de medii sau "doar" acordarii exceptionale a componentelor.

FS 68.2 poate deasemenea sa zguduie casa si este potrivita sa umple camerele mai mari.

Dimensions H × W × D
1080 × 200 × 285 mm Details
250 × 335 mm base plate


20 kg
3-way, bass reflex
Bass Ports
2 × 175 mm AS cone
2 × 60 mm with Bass Control Plug
1 × 140 mm AS cone, (mag. shielded)
1 × 25 mm silk dome, (mag. shielded)
Recom. Amplifier Power at
Nominal Impedance
20-180 W / channel
Crossover Frequencies
600 / 2,200 Hz
89 dB / 2.83 V / 1 m
Nominal Impedance
suitable for amplifiers (from ... to)
6 Ω
4 ... 8 Ω
Minimum Impedance
4.6 Ω at 135 Hz
Frequency Range
acc. to IEC 268-5
38 ··· 25,000 Hz
Nominal / Peak Power Handling
110 / 150 W
black ash
dark walnut
ELAC FS 68.2 - Brochure

Treble Unit

ELAC 60 Series Silk Tweeter
Transparent sound is reproduced by this 25 mm tweeter consisting of a coated silk dome resulting in a smooth roll off at frequencies above 20,000 Hz without noticeable resonances. A special wave-guide together with the protection grille results its wide dispersion characteristics.
Its extraordinary power handling capacity is resulting from two design features: the compact high efficiency neodymium magnetic system with cooling fins and the aluminium voice coil cooled by ferrofluid.
Additionally, the magnetic system is shielded preventing strange color distortions in a TV screen.

Midrange Unit

MT 140 AS midrange used in FS 68.2

The midrange cone is designed in the ELAC proprietary aluminium-sandwich technique which avoids noticeable resonances in the diaphragm.The "Full-Roll" fabric surrounding expands the transmission range up to high frequencies to facilitate the crossover to the tweeter.
The spider is vented at both sides resulting in a symmetric membrane displacement which reduces distortions at low frequencies.
The magnetic system is shielded avoiding picture distortions in a CRT TV set.

ELAC 60 Series AS cone midrange with fabric surround


Bass Unit

TT 175 AS midbass used in BS 63.2 and FS 68.2.

The design of the woofers of the 60 series are also based on the aluminium-sandwich technique. The wide rubber surrounding and the aerodynamic optimised - providing best air-flow - frame together with the spider being vented at both sides result in an extra large maximum membrane excursion.
The 31mm diameter voice coil and the powerful magnetic system increase the force factor - more efficiency - and by this the load limit is increased and consequently the deficiency rate decreased.

ELAC 60 Series AS cone midbass - paper and aluminium
ELAC FS 68.2 Stereo Setup ELAC FS 68.2 Stereo Setup
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