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SPECIAL Editions

ATC SCM 150 ASLT LE - Special Editions ATC SCM 20 ASL LE - Special Editions ATC SCM 10 SE - Special Editions
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Introducing the limited edition series of bespoke hand-built passive and active 3-way and 2-way monitors

The SE Series is the latest statement in a long line of Limited Edition products that encapsulate the very best of ATC’s engineering and design values.

The Company’s preoccupation with a performance-first philosophy and attention to engineering detail defines and enhances the visual design producing distinctive, elegant and unique limited edition loudspeakers.

The SE Series is available as either passive or active. Passive SEs require a separate power amplifier and the passive crossover is designed to provide an easy amplifier load and excellent performance. The perfect power amplifier to partner the passive SE Series is the ATC model P2 Dual Mono Power Amplifier providing a comfortable 300 watts per channel.

Active SEs on the other hand, include a tri-amplifier incorporating a separate fully discrete amplifier for each drive unit and active crossover filters with phase correction ensuring exceptional linearity and therefore very low distortion. In short the best performance money can buy.

Manufactured and designed in house ATC drive units are legendary for their innovation and performance. The SE Series use only ATC drive units. The unique soft dome, the SM75-150S first produced in 1976, was revolutionary at the time and remains to this day a benchmark for midrange drive unit performance. It is now complemented by a new high frequency soft dome, the SH25-76S, built to the same exacting standards that also sets a new benchmark for HF reproduction. The bass drivers all have short coil in a long magnetic gap and incorporate ATC’s super linear magnet technology for maximized linearity and power handling.

Built to give a lifetime of service, performance and musical pleasure, all ATC products carry a six year warranty.

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