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ATC SCM 20A SL Pro: high performance nearfield active 2-way studio monitor

The ATC Loudspeakers SCM 20A SL Pro is ideally suited for critical near-field listening applications in all control rooms, LCR surround monitoring in small-to-medium control rooms and surround channels in medium-to-large control rooms.

The SCM 20A SL Pro features a built in two-way amplifier with frequency, gain and phase correction which has been individually optimised at the ATC manufacturing facility. Adjustment of input sensitivity and bass boost is available to the user via controls on the amp rear panel.

ATC has become synonymous with active systems. Choosing to offer active loudspeakers (where the passive crossover network is replaced by active filters and multiple power amplifiers) is simply a result of the uncompromising attitude to loudspeaker design.While passive systems still have their place, and ATC engineering skills can still bring remarkable results from them,“active” is a fundamentally better solution to the problems posed by accurate, high level music reproduction.The ATC instinct is always for the better solution. Not cheaper, not quicker, but better.

It was the development of active loudspeakers that first brought ATC into electronics design and engineering. Active speakers demand multiple power amplifiers so ATC from the mid 1980s became not just a loudspeaker manufacturing company but an electronics manufacturer too.The further step from electronics for active speakers to a range of stand-alone amplifier products was natural and now means that ATC engineering is available from the recording desk or CD player output to the ears.

From modest beginnings ATC has grown to become one of the very few manufacturers successful across both domestic and professional audio. By selecting ATC you join a group of music lovers, professional audio engineers, studios and musicians across theWorld that understand and value the engineering that goes into an ATC product - and the sound that comes out.

ATC SCM 20A SL Pro Features:

  • Compact very high performance passive 2-way studio monitor
  • Ideally suited to:
    – critical near-field listening applications in all control rooms
    – LCR surround monitoring in small-to-medium control rooms
    – surround channels in medium-to-large contol rooms
  • ATC 195mm Super Linear midbass driver
  • ATC 25mm Dual Suspension ‘S-Spec’ tweeter
  • 9kg precision machined and optimised motor assembly
  • Heavily damped cabinet
  • On board ATC built two way 250W Bi-Amp Pack
  • LF contour control
  • 6 year warranty
ATC SCM 20A SL Pro Super Dome tweeter ATC SCM 20A SL Pro Super Linear midbass
25mm Dual Suspension ‘S-Spec’ Tweeter 195mm 'SL' Super Linear Mid/Bass


Drivers: LF ATC 195mm Super Linear, HF ATC 25mm Dual-Suspension ‘S-Spec’ tweeter
Amplitude Linearity ±2dB: 80Hz – 20kHz
Cut-off Frequencies (-6dB freestanding, no room gain): 55Hz – 22kHz
Horizontal Dispersion: ±80°, Coherent
Vertical Dispersion: ±10°, Coherent
Max. Continuous SPL (1 metre): 108dB
Crossover Frequency: 2.1kHz
Input Connectors: Male XLR
Input Sensitivity: 1V/ 2V RMS or 2.2/ 8.2dBu via switch (ref. bass full output)
Input Sensitivity Trim: 0dB to -6dB (via rear panel accessed trimmer)
Input Impedance: 10kΩ per leg
LF amp max output power: 200W continuous (1% THD)
HF amp max output power: 50W continuous (1% THD)
THD LF amp: 0.0006%/-104.4dB (100Hz, 1dB below rated power)
THD HF amp: 0.0022%/-93.2dB (10kHz, 1dB below rated power)
Crossover filters: 2nd order/ 12dB/oct critically damped with phase compensation
HF upper -3dB point: 230kHz
LF S+N/N ratio: 112dBA (Max. gain, ref. 40V, IEC ‘A’)
HF S+N/N ratio: 109dBA (Max. gain, ref. 20V, IEC ‘A’)
Low frequency shelf cut/boost: 80Hz, -2dB to +3dB in 1dB steps (via rear panel rotary switch)
Overload Protection: Active FET momentary gain reduction plus thermal tweeter protection
Front Panel Indicators: Power On indicator, Gain Reduction warning
Dimensions (HxWxD): 448 x 270 x 343mm. Handles add an additional 49mm to depth.
Weight: 30kg (per cabinet)

ATC SCM 20A SL Pro datasheet ATC SCM 20A SL Pro user manual
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