Debut Reference Series loudspeakers

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Debut Reference Series loudspeakers

ELAC Debut Reference DBR62
ELAC Debut Reference DBF52
Debut Reference

Building on the iconic status of ELAC’s Debut Series, a new Reference line emerges for our exclusive dealers. The Debut Reference brings significant acoustical and visual advancements. Designed to blend with traditional or contemporary styles. Debut Reference sounds as great as it looks!

A newly developed waveguide combined with a more open grill design enhances upper high frequency response.

A new full perimeter brace that joins the top and the side panels significantly lessens cabinet vibrations, reducing cabinet coloration.

Our new cast chassis woofer provides improved stiffness for both strengthening the front baffle and minimizing chassis resonances.

Our new dual flared slot vent allows for lower noise and higher bass output for improved bass dynamics.

ELAC Debut Reference Series by Andrew Jones
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