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Miracord 90 Anniversary

ELAC Miracord 90 hi-end turntable
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  • Tonearm: An elegant and lightweight carbon-fiber design with a convenient, oil-damped lowering mechanism
  • Anti-Skating Mechanism: Adjustable in several steps for perfect stereo imaging
  • Cartridge System: A durable cartridge and MicroLine® stylus designed by Audio-Technica® that comes pre-aligned for accurate reproduction and perfect channel separation
  • Platter: Turned with laser precision from solid aluminum 6.2 kg platter
  • Drive Unit: An external motor unit, painstakingly decoupled from the plinth, with belt drive for exceptionally smooth running and the best possible signal-to-noise ratio
  • Plinth: A heavy and solid foundation that quells unwanted vibrations

Miracord 90 Anniversary: An ELAC icon reborn

To celebrate its ninetieth anniversary, ELAC has released a beautiful new turntable. This artfully reimagined record player fuses traditional values with contemporary design. Its substantial MDF chassis comes in a choice of lavish finishes, providing a solid foundation for the heavy, belt-driven platter. Electronic speed control gives stable running and variable pitch, while the carbon-fibre tonearm includes a cartridge specially developed with Audio-Technica, making sweet analogue music. It’s a great comeback from one of the legends of vinyl.

The ELAC Miracord 90 Anniversary draws on this legacy and meets the highest standards in terms of sound quality, workmanship and mechanical precision. Designed to deliver the same exceptional listening experience as our loudspeakers, it is a carefully thought-out and systematically executed concept that combines superlative engineering, exquisite build quality and premium materials.

Dimensions H × W × D
170 × 470 × 360 mm  
17.1 kg
Belt-drive turntable
Custom Audio-Technica Moving Magnet system
Frequency Range
20··· 25,000 Hz
Tracking force
14 ± 4 mN ≙ 1.4 ± 0.4 g
DC resistance
800 Ω ± 20%
Coil impendence
3.2 kΩ ± 20% at 1 kHz
Recommended load
47 kΩ
Output voltage  2.2 – 4.9 mV
Channel separation  > 25 dB
Selectable speeds 33 and 45 rpm
Pitch  ± 5%
Outputs 2 gold-plated Neutrik RCA connectors, gold-plated ground connector
Frequency Range
20··· 25,000 Hz
Power Supply
18V, 18 W Lumberg connector
black high gloss
white high gloss
walnut high gloss
oiled walnut
ELAC Miracord 90 finishes
ELAC Miracord 90 brochure

Miracord 90 Anniversary Features:

ELAC Miracord 90 Inert MDF chassis
Inert MDF chassis

The 12 lb (5.5 kg) MDF chassis rests on specially developed silicone feet that decouple the deck completely from the surface on which it is placed.


ELAC Miracord 90 - Precision platter with minimal friction
Precision platter with minimal friction

The aluminum platter weighs almost 14 lbs (6.2 kg) and sits on a sub-platter whose hardened steel axis rotates on an 8 mm ruby ball for minimal friction. The axis is mounted using high-quality sintered bronze bearing bushings.


ELAC Miracord 90- Isolated motor and sophisticated suspension
Isolated motor and sophisticated suspension

The motor is double-decoupled from the chassis and, therefore, from the tonearm. Along with the rubber damping, the suspensions employed use materials that have proven themselves in the development and manufacture of ELAC loudspeakers.


ELAC Miracord 90 - Advanced carbon-fiber tonearm
Advanced carbon-fiber tonearm

The newly developed tonearm made of carbon fiber forms a perfect symbiotic relationship with the drive mechanism.


ELAC Miracord 90 - High-resolution moving magnet cartridge
High-resolution moving magnet cartridge

The pickup with its MicroLine stylus was developed specially for ELAC in cooperation with Audio Technica and comes precision-mounted with each turntable. 


ELAC Miracord 90 - Exquisite materials and finishes
Exquisite materials and finishes

The Miracord 90 Anniversary is an aesthetic masterpiece that complements contemporary interiors and pays homage to the classic turntable design of ELAC’s original Miracord. It is available in for combinations: black base with gloss white plinth, silver base with gloss black plinth, black base with gloss walnut plinth and black base with oiled walnut plinth.

ELAC Miracord 90 hi-end turntable Stereo Setup
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