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25 years of audio engineering experience concentrated in a two-ways reference speaker of world quality.

After a 18 years collaboration with Scan-Speak we have decided to create our own AudioBarletta drivers, using our design for moulded baskets, voice coils, copper covered magnetic systems, double suspensions, flat aluminium wires, labyrinth chamber for the tweeter and many other finesses. The perfomances of AudioBarletta drivers fullfill perfectly to our demands.

The whole cabinet is made of selected solid pieces of walnut wood. No MDF, metal or plastic details. Corpus must "mature" three weeks to be able to be milled and finished.

Crossover is composed of the best parts available in the world and employs Jantzen Audio and Mundorf components with 2% of tollerance. The choice of these components was mainly influenced by their music quality. The crossover uses our original system "Fase Zero" for perfect phase coherence response.

At the Audio Video Show Prague ORFEO oficially won the 3rd place for sound quality of the whole exhibition. Note that first 2 places were occupied by much more expensive systems from B&W Nautilus and Grimm Audio. The most of the discerning visitors admited that ORFEO was the true revelation of the exhibition.

Orfeo will change the quality parameters not only in his price range, worldwide.

Mid-bass frequency unit AudioBarletta - 175 mm, special impregnated paper membrane, machined aluminium phase-plug, moulded basket, kapton former, extreme magnetic motor, extreme extension and dynamic, massive copper ring for minimal distortion
High frequency unit AudioBarletta - 29 mm voice coil, impregnated selected soft dome, copper shortcircuiting ring, labyrinth working chamber, flat aluminium wire, moulded front chassi with controlled emission, no ferrofluid
System type 2 ways damped bass-reflex, rear aluminium bass-reflex port, "Fase Zero" topology, Mundorf components
Corpus Italian selected massive walnut, 3 weeks of ageing before milling and shaping, bitumene sandwich insulation
Frequency response (-3 dB on reference axis): 33 - 30000 Hz
Connection 2 pairs of singly mounted XAVIAN binding posts, bi-wiring
Nominal impedance 8 ohms
Crossover frequency 2250 Hz
Sensitivity (2,83V/1m) 85 dB
Recommended power amplification 50 - 300 W
Dimensions (HxWxD) 380 x 236 x 282 mm
Net weight (1 unit) 17 kg
Italian selected massive walnut cabinet
XAVIAN Orfeo drivers

Treble Unit

29 mm AudioBarletta tweeter:

- Impregnated selected soft dome
- Flat aluminium wire
- Copper shortcircuiting ring
- Labyrinth working chamber
- Wide angle dispersion design
- Die-cast Aluminum faceplate with controlled emission
- No ferrofluid

Midbass Unit

175 mm AudioBarletta midbass:

- Special impregnated paper membrane
- Machined aluminium phase-plug
- Kapton former
- Extreme magnetic motor, extreme extension and dynamic
- Massive copper shortcircuiting ring in the motor for minimal distortion
- Die-cast Aluminum chassis, vented below spider

New! XAVIAN Orfeo back view
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