ELAC BS 244 - Hifi Video Test (Netherlands) review

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ELAC BS 244 - Hifi Video Test (Netherlands) review




They are the first speakers with crystal membranes. That fall I have a little bit with the door in the house. You see it immediately if you frontje away. Striking further in terms of 'looks' is that the BS 244 beautifully finished in glossy black or in a noble kersenhoutfneer. Both versions look very nice. Without the frontje most people will immediately go closer look at the new membranes whose speakers have. But there is still beautiful look no guarantee for good sound and I immediately on the IFA the first test booked solid for listening in one of the teststudio of HVT and that was the image and sound teststudio in 's-Hertogenbosch.

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Not even what this new technique because ELAC BS 244 is a full-HiFi loud-speaker with a completely new devel switched luidsprekerchassis. Not only the direct striking crystal membrane is new but also the technology behind them is innovative. It qualifies this loudspeaker use of a so-called 3D sound radiation. This 3D sound radiation achieved by merging the new crystal membrane broken with the new structure to combine with a dual link of the voice to the sandwichmembraan. Fixing the membrane goes according to a new lijmtechniek developed by ELAC called Aluminium Sandwich Bauweise AS. In a particularly lijmprocede is hereby the 0125 mm thin crystalline and enhanced membrane attached to a membrane sandwich. The kistalvormige strengthening of the cone provides a much firmer surface. This is the circular membrane enormous stronger and stiffer than a membrane that is not provided with this crystalline onderbrekin gen. This is in turn the range and precision of the sound as good. The range in the middle and low frequency range is almost even with an octave. In short, they have not only made for a beautiful image of the speaker but certainly for the further improvement of the sound. The "looks" are of course welcome bonus. Of course associated with such a quality middle and low frequency also a quality equivalent ment high frequency devices. Therefore, ELAC the BS 244 equipped with the legendary JET tweeter.

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This tweeter is in the HiFi industry known for its particular der transparent and sparkling sound for the high frequency range. The JET tweeter uses the notorious technique called "Air Motion Transformer", developed by one of the famous pioneers in loudspeakers Dr. Oskar Heil. The technology drives a foliemembraan formed by a magnetic force along neodymium magnetic plate. In this way the air is moving much faster than with the traditional 'zuiger' technique. This is the sound much better and more dynamic. The new JET III tweeter is nature corpse further developed on the basis of the neodymium magnet system and it has a higher efficiency of the tweeter sit, if you are the afstraling of sound with about 0.5 dB. This is the BS 244 listening to any suitable manner; even spaces, for example, are very much glass it no longer a problem for the optimal listening to your favorite music.

At the rear of the BS 244 is equal attention paid to the quality of the presentation. For example, the terminals of high quality and suitable for cables with a diameter of up to 16mm2. Also connecting a high-quality spades is possible up to 8.5 mm2. Also ELAC's self-developed Bassreflex-pipe contributes its part to the quality of the presentation. The exhaust is further optimized to ventilatiegeluid and prevent further loss of sound quality control. Technique enough and that all in this beautiful compact BS 244 speakers. Actually, the award of these speakers, no problem. Because of their size you can easily drop somewhere and if you do a somewhat more prominent place in mind then you can have the optional Speaker Order. I had them in our teststudio this and that looked very beautiful as a whole. Enough about the technical aspects.

How do they sound?

Even on the matter, what concerns me is all the attention to the technique of this speaker certainly not gone unnoticed. The beautiful appearance of the speakers automatically attracts the attention, but it is certainly not true that the appearance certain points in lesser sound should hide. The speakers are small but big piece of their achievement.

The sound of the ELAC BS 244 thanks to the JET III tweeter particularly transparent in the high without aggressive. I have no use in our teststudio elimination of the "JET Dispersion Control" rings. The speakers are very pleasant to listen to. Also, the transition between high and medium / low exceptionally well especially in noe men. When listening to either classical or pop, all fully exercised. The two speakers are in the ear a complete sound, you can use the speakers with closed eyes not with the finger designating zen qua placement. This partly due to the large spread of the sound from the BS 244. The bass response is very good and fits entirely in the sound of the rest of the loudspeaker. There is really nothing that does not fit; everything is perfectly aligned with the BS 244. If your eyes closed the loud speakers listen to the speakers without first seen, you would absolutely convinced that you go to a much larger size speaker dimensionally're listening. I can still write about the ELAC BS 244 but you must if you're in the potentially ness are simply agree to these speakers themselves go and listen to convince you of the sublime display of the BS 244. I think that in the price range of around six hundred fifty euro a piece will soon decide on the ELAC's to go!


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