ELAC FS 207 Anniversary Edition - LYD & BILDE (Norway) review

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ELAC FS 207 Anniversary Edition - LYD & BILDE (Norway) review


Elac FS 207 Anniversary Edition


German speakers is good enough only to loudly yodel and brass band, they say. Elac speakers decidedly breaks with this opinion. More silky smooth sound you should look long for!

Elac FS207 is a 2 ½-way design where the both woofers are playing the deep bass, but only the upper woofer plays the midrange parts. This way they can achieve high efficiency and wide frequency response from a compact loudspeaker. FS207 is one of the smallest speakers in the test, but in return it advanced on the inside.

ELAC FS 207 Anniversary Edition - LYD & BILDE (Norway) review

FS207 actually uses the same tweeter as the much more expensive big brothers FS249, and thus has an ace up its sleeve as compared to other speakers in your price range. The special ribbon tweeter uses powerful neodymium magnets, and can reproduce frequencies up to 50 kHz. The blank woofers are made in a "sandwich" construction where the manufacturer has glued a thin layer of aluminum over a paper cone to achieve the correct sonic characteristics. Powerful bi-wiring terminals allow the speaker cables of decent quality, and last but not least, speakers equipped with a sturdy base can be fitted with either spikes or rubber feet.

Sound Quality

If we are to describe the sound of Elac with just one word, it must be "smooth". Audio performance is very smooth, round and pleasant. The silky midrange almost caress our ears and is never hard on the edges. From the test of FS249 go, we also recognize the fine treble reproduction, which renders lots of details without being tiring to listen to.

Elac FS207 A is not a type of speaker that is full of imponatorfaktorer. The bass is tight and precise, with no obvious irregularities, and up in the midrange and treble, they have a captivating openness and ability to reproduce every detail without over-focus. Elac mastered the art of balance very well, making the speakers should be able to give good results with a variety of electronics.

Perhaps the best feature of Elac is that they seem tuned to sound best in a "civilized" listening level. There is no need to "go on" with the volume knob to get a solid and clear listening impressions - here things fall in place already at a comfortable listening level. It is of course possible to play really loud when you want, and Elac does not require very much power to do just that.

Elac perceived not just as ruthlessly revealing that B&W CM7, and is more forgiving to poor recordings. Yet they appear not as the most logical rock speakers in the test. The refined treble reproduction is a shade too restrained, and the speakers keep a little left on the dynamics when you play really loud.


Need a speaker that sounds lovely and relaxed on most of the music, FS207 can be the way to go. Elac has managed to preserve many of the amazing qualities of the almost three times as expensive FS249, including exquisite treble resolution, sound wise precision and rhythmic bass reproduction in a smaller format.

ELAC FS 207 Anniversary Edition - LYD & BILDE (Norway) review
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