ELAC 310 CE - Stereo (Germany) review

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ELAC 310 CE - Stereo (Germany)

Tobias Zoporowski


In top form

"Since Elacs striking "Crystal" membrane around the first two years in the then new 240er line up, we have seen in various models of Kiel can hear. And again and again convinced the multifaceted folded like aluminum, with its stress-free, broadband and very smooth playback for every musical requirement. "

ELAC 310 CE - Stereo (Germany) verdict

"The tradition of the House ELAC heard it from time to time, the most successful speaker types in newly set up special editions, which are then technically absolutely on the amount of time and thus an almost unparalleled degree of maturity transported. And so, the Northern Lights you ever been produced Kleinbox 310 made and it has not just said Crystal membrane in Tiefmitteltonbereich, but also recognized the exquisite, quickly folded ribbon tweeter with a diaphragm can be offered, with the silky Obertonbrillianz fine spatial mapping combined. "

"[At room volume], it may make the audience with his relaxed, airy and warm presentation trimbrierten, natural voices caress without him would peak demands."

"The little crystal from the Baltic Sea is a sparkling gem that stands out in the tide of compact speakers offer. If you found it, there's not it."

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