ELAC BS 184 - WHAT HI-FI (Russia) review

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ELAC BS 184 - WHAT HI-FI (Russia) review

01 / 2011



Thousand dollars loudspeakers - a reasonable starting point for those looking for a refined sound, but is not ready for this to go into debt.


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Photo: WHAT HI-FI?

For Deep, expressive, large-scale air and sound, emotionally play any music, the quality of workmanship.

Against When you select a wrong partner can sound yarkovato.

Verdict Universal artists, endowed with musical sensitivity. For a fairly modest price, you get advantages of more expensive speakers.

Polochniki for a thousand dollars - a reasonable starting point for those looking for a refined sound, but is not ready for this to go into debt. ELAC, for example, offer for that amount so much: high-tech electronic components coupled with excellent build quality and finish. Like many other speakers with non-emitters, BS184 need long-term heating. Setting a column with a small rotation of the listener and carefully tucked the distance to the back wall, you get full-bodied, deep in the visual and emotional sense of sound.

ELAC sensitively convey tragic mood finale of Tchaikovsky's Sixth Symphony - transferring music scrupulous detail and air the room enhances the feeling of belonging. Dynamic pieces reproduced transparent and realistic, convincing bass and well structured. However, at high volume speakers show a tendency to brightness, which should be considered in choosing partners.

This does not mean that the sound ELAC dry or analytic. Put a live album by Patricia Kaas, and you will see that they are spiritually rich and transmit voice, even in this flawed record - except that sibilants could be a little quieter. On the other hand, it is the sharpness of execution coupled with the ability to penetrate the emotional essence of the songs that makes BS184 truly universal! satellite music lover.

Well, of course, JET-tweeter real find for fans of electronic music: not all expensive speakers are capable of such a transparent and clearly play a sloppy track mannered Muse.

Prepared according to the magazine "WHAT HI-FI?", January 2011 www.whathifi.ru

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