ELAC BS 203 Anniversary Edition - IVAN (Russia) review

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ELAC BS 203 Anniversary Edition - IVAN (Russia) review

ELAC BS 203 Anniversary Edition - the perfect combination of craftsmanship, "expensive" design and uncompromising sound practice

ELAC BS 203 Anniversary Edition

► Advantages: Air high frequency, high detail

► Disadvantages:  Low sensitivity and resistance 

It's no secret that many people love to listen to music with eyes closed. Probably, their stereos too look too bad. With speakers ELAC BS 203 Anniversary Edition is not the case - not just from them to look away!

The pleasure of listening to a great extent depends not only on hearing, but also on the visual and tactile sensations, and more positive than they are, the more solid will be the general impression. That's why reputable brands are paying so much attention to design and decoration of their buildings speakers.

In recent years almost all major western producers AV-equipment transfer assembly plants in China.However, there are among them some who represents the outpost of European quality, preferring to give work to his fellow citizens. Authoritative German company ELAC, whose history goes back many decades - just one of them. All products company is going to exclusively in our own factory in the town of Kiel. From the same left and smart speakers ELAC BS 203 Anniversary Edition. Despite its small size and weight, these Bookshelf Speakers are fairly expensive 200 series. Moreover, as the name implies, we have the anniversary edition - it differs from the standard version of the luxurious lacquer finish, slightly lower sensitivity and a new crossover. The rest remains the same equipment - ribbon tweeter is the famous JET III, midrange / woofer cone pulp, with a layer of aluminum. To the pair included a special foam plugs for the reflex, making it possible to regulate the return AC at low frequencies.

It is difficult to say for sure that played a major role in this, but the quality with which the ELAC BS 203 Anniversary Edition reproduce such a complicated instrument like the piano, it was perfect. Rather, most of the credit belongs to the weightless membrane JET III, but I want to believe that a particular contribution was made and a great white piano lacquer covering the body AC (by the way, you can purchase and option in a black finish). At very small dimensions and displays an excellent job with "heavy" music. Of course, very very low notes are beyond them, but for its size basyat ELAC BS 203 Anniversary Edition very well. But only if you connect them to a good powerful amp - Sensitivity 86 dB Impedance 4 ohms and placing in this regard, considerable. But in this case as well, provided that they are placed on sturdy heavy racks (preferably on letterhead LS70), speakers will please the owner of a transparent, rhythmic sound, the highest level. Not to mention the elegant decoration that will make the heart beat faster when cleaning - God forbid scratch!

Source: Journal "IVAN"

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