ELAC FS 187 - Stereo (Germany) review

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ELAC FS 187 - Stereo (Germany) review
09.2009 - Autor: Tobias Zoporowski


ELAC FS 187 - Nordic, of course!

Verdict: "The line carried 180 Elacs top technology such as sandwich construction of the aluminum diaphragms or the super-tweeter" JET "to affordable regions. And the FS 187 floorstanders offers the most attractive, in our opinion, price-sound relationship."

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"If you visit the website of the Kiel-based company, you are welcomed by a sympathetic-sea atmosphere, including a gay tooting foghorn. For a fresh breeze of acoustic variety, with ELAC the new "Line 180" in charge, from which we have selected the smaller of the two floorstanding loudspeakers: the Model FS 187. And as it turned out during the listening tests, we landed with our choice, a real hit! For the FS 187 plays ... so coherent, consistent and with colorful swing that one can hardly escape its charm. The strong, but never dominant bass can be enriched on demand or in larger rooms by opening a second bass reflex port on the back of the slender column.

... About the exquisite to the patent of the legendary "Air Motion Transformer 'by Oskar Heil acts adopted JET tweeter, hochläuft the perfect distortion to more than 40 kilohertz, has been said a lot. So here's only so much: There are only a few developments that exceed the potential of this tweeter. Its use a speaker in this price range is absolutely extraordinary. And thus went to the FS 187 in our listening room quite cheeky with our five-star Kracher from stereo 08/09, Phonar recently revised Veritas P5. The pair is about 160 euros more expensive could, however, pulling ahead of agile Kiel, in any relevant discipline. What we find so sensational that we put the natural northern light with the Phonar wertungsgleich. "

ELAC FS 187 - Stereo (Germany) review - Test result

"Occupied for just under a half thousand euro Pairprice the northern German beauty, now a leader in its class. They managed this thanks to its unusually cohesive and fluid performance, the use of top technology and impeccable processing thoroughly deserved. Bravo!"

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