ELAC FS 187 - Stereoplay (Germany) review

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ELAC FS 187 - Stereoplay review
12.2009 - Autor: Wolfram Eifert



ELAC FS 187 - Die filigrane Elac klingt faszinierend voll

... "In the treble, the FS 187 is equiped with the in-house made JET tweeter, which folded foil membrane dynamics benefits wattgenügsamer horns with the good-natured omnidirectional tweeter combines traditional. Basstechnisch visually delicate box of the field works with two aluminum-paper sandwich drivers and two bass reflex tubes. One sits hidden in the base, the second at the back near the top (closed by default with a stopper). Those who, for reasons of taste, want more bass, just pulls these plug. "...

ELAC FS 187 - Stereoplay (Germany) review photo

... "Scene change in the listening room: The bass and tone segment earned Elac almost the same sound volume as the optical unequally brawny, but hardly so in general the most graceful ... pegelfestere box cut in the field in terms of sovereignty from extremely well for their size .

ELAC FS 187 - Stereoplay (Germany) review - Test results

... In general, the strengths of Elac were in the high frequency range, the great freshness and freedom of fatigue was remarked. The unbounded rays of the JET proved to be a pleasant contrast to the earthy bass of the FS 187, which resulted in the sum of an equally brilliant as distinct in character, since such a fine definition of high registers is usually found in significantly higher classes "...

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