ELAC FS 67.2 - i-fidelity (Germany) review

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ELAC FS 67.2 - i-fidelity (Germany) review

1 / 2011 - Author: Raphael Vogt


ELAC FS 67.2 - "A masterpiece!"

"Ambition" is the heading line  to be read for the Elacs 60.2 Series. i-fidelity.net grabbed an example out of the series, as the speaker FS 67.2 and looked out the elegant column in sophisticated, audiophile quality and good value.

ELAC FS 67.2 - i-fidelity (Germany) picture
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Brand new is the line of not more Elac 60th In the current generation, it is therefore line 60.2. It includes four models, from the bookshelf speakers BS 63.2 (and later the smaller BS 62.2) to the two floorstanding speakers FS 67.2 and FS 68.2 to the 61.2 CC center speaker. To test which is able to make the series, the i-fidelity testers selected out the smaller column and ordered them to the test. 

ELAC FS 67.2 - i-fidelity front view

A velvety fluffy cloth protects the pack in the high-gloss front of the Kiel showpiece. Once you free the column from the box, it stands firmly and tilt on a sweeping wide base, which is also in black patent, but held satin finish. The perfect coupling to the substrate are at in a transparent little box can be stainless steel spikes that screw into the four threads in the broad base of the column and continuously adjust its height. A lock nut locks the setting permanent. The tips of the spikes were based on a partial sphere, which ensures a perfect power dissipation. Although you want the roughly 17-pound speakers do not put it on a sensitive stage. For that you also included the washers under each tip, the center automatically, with their generous well. This also made of polished stainless-steel joist are recommended for all sensitive soils, just as the constant advice, spikes set really well, so nothing wobbles just a tiny amount. The precision is doing and figure that is really good. 

If you want a good piece really shows the Kiel box, how beautiful you can now make money for little speakers. Since there are no unnecessary joints, no clouds in the high-gloss finish, no asymmetric gaps, and - actually, only at the second look at - there are no visible screws. All drivers are anchored from the inside, smooth lines and elegant form the timeless design. The only visible four tiny screws holding the terminals on the back in position. If you try then to mount the speaker cover fabric, you will find on any of the usual pins, studs or the like. Instead, the grid sashayed by invisible magnets to the right place - amazing and awesome. A prickly direct contact with the sensitive, brilliant little felt pads prevent the front rim. 

Know-how from Kiel 

But who does not protect the membranes from curious children's hands must still run the risk that its new boxes will be collected and used as a scratching post, which will leave the protection anyway. The tweeter is permanently "behind bars. The body behind the glossy front panel of the line 60.2 Elac supplies available in black ash or dark walnut look. On the back is found, of course, for these non-price class, sunk close Terminal.The brass contacts with plastic screw hole to take the cross, banana plugs, spades as well. In addition there are the reflex ports. For these supplies Elac with two concentric foam plugs pairs. Which are apt to damp the bass reflex ports of the enhancing effect in two stages. 

Undamped mode is recommended for larger rooms and free installation. For wall-or even should be positioned near a corner in order to experiment with the threat of bass enhancement through the interface with the two damping levels to counteract the resulting typical thickening of the sound. Foam plugs - simple but effective. The relatively large i-fidelity.net-testing room that has been optimized acoustically, but the FS were 67.2 free by breathing. 

ELAC FS 67.2 - i-fidelity drivers detail

Lead developer Rolf Janke followed throughout the series, a clear line with economic means. We find that two and a half-way design without bi-wiring connection, but a simple pair of signal terminals. This simplifies the design of the crossover without sonic disadvantages. The revised 17-Zentimeter-Tief-/Tiefmitteltöner work with a feather-light, but super stiff aluminum sandwich membrane, behind which sits a strong magnetic drive. A design principle, with the Elac has long experience and that is identified by the typical silvery membranes without visible voice coil recording. Beaded rubber surrounds allow a wide, linear stroke, minimal hysteresis for low coloration quietly listening to a long life. The fabric dome tweeter is the latest development and she works on a gentle sound guidance for better phase coupling and more uniform dispersion. Both hide behind a not for removing imaginary silver metal grille that is reminiscent of fine microphones. All magnet systems are shielded, so you can confidently store credit card on the speaker or put an old tube TV in the neighborhood.

The control of the chassis is done according to the proven two and a half-way principle.More than 2,200 Hertz, the fabric has her own empire. Including the upper cone is working down in the bass. The colleague in the basement takes care of only in the lower frequencies below 500 hertz. In order to keep developers Rolf Janke, the emission from clean as a pure two-way design is outdated and the extra punch in the bass by the double insertion. The relatively harmless minimum impedance of 5.2 ohms at 220 hertz is expected at the 6-ohm overall characteristics of the speaker amplifier does not overwhelm. The acoustic phase of Central and Hochtonübergang are chosen so that a slightly upward-looking acoustic emission results, because the FS is 67.2 for most of Seats with her dainty actually 90 centimeters too low. With this trick, but the sound fits in a typical listening distance quite well.

About mind and technology

understand that the developer Kieler their trade, settled in the i-fidelity.net laboratory evidence quickly, because the characteristics of the system show a price range for this amazing balanced picture. The frequency response shows a gentle tone and a sink on the road a bit exaggerated overtone, which is at an angle but leveled again, suggesting potential for the FS 67.2 to angle only slightly or not at the listening position. The measured some distance acoustics frequency response (see Laboratory) confirmed this fact quite clearly. Even the promised minimum impedance was below the test and showed a pattern not for analog and digital amplifiers easily manageable load. The waterfall chart demonstrated the good mechanical build quality with a measured image is free of significant resonances. Exemplary.

ELAC FS 67.2 - i-fidelity back view


With all the technology, how does it sound?

Time, therefore, a good piece to lead the tester ears to heart. It quickly became apparent that the line should not be operated at 60.2 very large listening distances. When first selected distance of over four meters, but shows a wonderfully contoured figure, but the matter seemed clear to miss grounded.Moved closer to equaling this clear. The sound of the ELAC is on the rather bright side, the tonal balance, it seems more nimble and delicate than weighty, while it sounds simple but not thin, but simply agile. Little torque, but very lively, to say it with a metaphor from racing.

ELAC FS 67.2 - i-fidelity front grille detail

From the tester's favorite CD "Touch" by Yello projected the Elac column Till Brönner velvety soft trumpet "Till Tomorrow" sharply in the stereo stage and could work out the hidden fine blowing noise is clear. Even with greater levels remained stable, and this figure demonstrated good that a punchy rhythm the midrange not the same as encouraging to modulate. The voices of Heidi Happy and Boris Blank arranged in the lascivious "Kiss In Blue" were outlined soft and relatively large on the stage, clearly articulated and differentiated from the band scene.In general, almost nothing stuck to the membranes, the instruments broke up remarkably free from the sound generator. The only miss was the box on this album the bass used excessively, they physically if their membrane surfaces in any case could not transfer a good idea but it could be irritating it not, which indicates a really good high-pass filtering.

With some delicate shots behaved similar to the Kiel. In Oregon's "Green and Gold" from the CD "Beyond Words" overdone it a little valve at the sound of the melody leading clarinet. Attack and decay of the guitar and bass strings sounded authentic, but the body seemed a little thin, which is probably the easy root sink is due. The recordings all sounded a bit delicate, fine, but never really thinned out. Very clear: the speaker of the line 60.2 are something for lovers of fine-textured, panoramic imaging and detail. What do they do but surprisingly good, level, even at large momentum jumps is nothing out of step. So if you get the combined series with a surround system with matching subwoofer that is both music and movie playback with powerful his fun - and for relatively less money. Well done!

Laboratory comment

The measurements of the Elac FS 67.2 for this price range offer a surprisingly good picture. The frequency response shows a gentle tone and a sink on the road a bit exaggerated overtone, the equalized under angle. 67.2 The FS should not be angled or slightly to the listening position. The waterfall chart demonstrated the good mechanical build quality with a measured image is free of significant resonances.

ELAC FS 67.2 - i-fidelity - frequency response 1
ELAC FS 67.2 - i-fidelity - frequency response 2
ELAC FS 67.2 - i-fidelity - impedance
ELAC FS 67.2 - i-fidelity - waterfall


Test result

Elac FS built with the small speaker of the line 67.2 60.2 one for its price range perfectly crafted design speaker, the fine glossy coat front with the contrasts of the silvery sound chassis is also reflected. Fine lines and amazing dynamics characterize the crystal-clear, but never on the field tending sound. With its series counterpart, the FS can flexibly expand to 67.2 surround system. Respect and "price tip" are the deserved reward.

ELAC FS 67.2 - i-fidelity test result
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