ELAC FS 249 - AUDIO (Germany) review

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ELAC FS 249 - AUDIO (Germany) review
11 / 2007 - Bernhard Rietschel


ELAC FS 249 - Kieler Kristall

ELAC FS 249 - AUDIO (Germany) review

"The ELAC played already delivered all ample enough - not pummelig, but in the full meaning of juicy, tangible, körperhaft, sensual. A beautiful, desirable wealth was also with the increasing levels up to deafening volume from the balance. this does not mean that you are familiar with the ELAC permanently, according to hear. The ease with which the Kiel's most dynamic margins also masters, seduces course objectively high levels. Chill is it but not loud, but simply overwhelming. "

… "With excellent neutrality and good efficiency is the ELAC the universtellste under the hot Euro 4000-tips."


"All four loudspeakers are a real asset for their price range. Shine particularly brightly two of the highlights: The ELAC FS 249 as extremely competent, also amplifier friendly 4000-euro loudspeaker and the Yamaha Soavo 2"…

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