ELAC FS 249 - Hifimaailma (Finland) review

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ELAC FS 249 - Hifimaailma (Finland) review - Test winner
6 / 2009 - FINLAND


ELAC FS 249 - Hifimaailma (Finland) review - Test winner


ELAC 249 floorstand speaker - leader in the comparison

Floorstand Speakers 4 300 - 5 500 EUR comparison :

  1. Audio Physic Scorpio II,
  2. Dali Helicon 400 MK2,
  3. Elac FS 249,
  4. ESA Credo 3,
  5. System Explorer Audio,
  6. Tannoy Definition DC8T
One might imagine that high-priced speakers are so good that their superiority is a mere matter of taste. Our tests showed that the repeaters in this category are significant differences.

ELAC will continue his winning ways and wins both the hearts of the listeners and the press. ELAC FS 249 assured the Hifimaailma listening jury, winning a EUR 5000 floorstanding speakers comparison test.

ELAC FS 249 - Hifimaailma (Finland) review - Test winner
Hifimaailma (“HiFi World” in finish) magazine (6 / 2009): EUR 5000 large, heavy-duty floor-standing speaker in the test - Elac FS 249 was chosen the winner of the test.

In particular what appealed to the testers, was the Elac pleasantness, combined with resolution. Pleasantness was experienced with different kinds of material, in addition of describing the sound liberated and lively. The bass also received praise: had power and control. Listening evaluations revealed a common theme: attractive to listen to its sound.

"The sound is effortless, and the sensitivity does not worry, easy stuff ... of the whole test, the most attractive speaker to listen to music" - Mauri Eronen

"Sound has a nice purity and unity, above average ... and is a universally appealing package for all forms of music." - Mikael Nederström - Mikael Nederström

"The speaker sound is a natural presence ... without intruding; it was a vibrant and inspiring to listen acquaintance." - Sam Saurama

ELAC FS 249 - Hifimaailma (Finland) review - Test winner
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