ELAC FS 249 - LYD & BILDE (Norway) review

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LYD & BILDE (Norway) review
10 / 09 - NORWAY


Elac FS 249 - The Two Towers

From Germany comes Elac FS 249 - two tall towers of speakers with a lot to offer for both the eyes and ears.

ELAC FS 249 - LYD & BILDE (Norway) review

All speaker brands have his philosophy they live by. At Elac they are particularly fond of ribbon tweeters, and uses these in all of its more expensive models. A ribbon tweeter element is characterized by a wide spectrum and can produce much higher frequencies than the ear can hear.

The top model in the 240 Series, FS 249, is the test most elongated speakers, and stands on a sturdy shelf where the bass port (just like the Audiovector S3) is turned down. The speakers oozes quality, but also on smart solutions - such as the special feet with replaceable spikes and rubber feet that make it easy to adapt the loudspeaker to the floor. You can also adjust / increase the bass level by removing a plug at the rear of the enclosure.

The chassis is a bit more traditional and square off, but solid coatings give a positive impression, without visible joints of any kind. They are great to watch, but the slide may not be as easily into the living room environment the more compact and veldreide Audiovectorene can do.

ELAC FS 249 - LYD & BILDE (Norway) review


Sound Quality

About the Danish speakers from Audiovector is lively of them (almost over, some say) it's German control characteristics Elac FS 249.The sound is characterized by an unusually high correlation in the upper frequency range, with an almost perfect transition between the tweeter and midrange. Put another way, it is difficult to hear that you listen to the speakers and not the real thing ...

All vowels are simply masterful rendered and Elac sounds clearly better singer than the Audiovector. Katie Melua lovely voice clearly drawn up in front of us unless we hear a hint of distortion or other filth. This differs markedly from Elac example. Audiovector S3 has a more prominent treble reproduction.


The well-controlled bass makes the FS 249 is relatively easy to place close to the wall, and in addition, the bass level is raised slightly by removing the foam plug is located in. The speakers are not particularly heavy-driven, but the tight, controlled sound character favors still an amp with a little splash in. A powerful McIntosh or Electrocompaniet amp will probably be a good match for these disciplined speakers.


The designers at Elac has sewn together a speaker that sounds very well balanced and comfortable, no matter what type of music you challenge them with. It is especially in the top of the frequency range that great impresses FS 249, but bass response is also very deep and precise. If we were to wish for even more, it would be an even more vigorous bass, but also placement and amplifier characteristics record.Elac FS 249 is a speaker with great potential in the right company.

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