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Cyrus Stream XP2 Qx stream - DAC- preamplifier
CYRUS Streamer - 24 bit/ 192 kHz hi-resolution digital audio CYRUS Streamer - 24 bit/ 192 kHz hi-resolution digital audio - pic3 CYRUS Streamer - 24 bit/ 192 kHz hi-resolution digital audio - pic5 CYRUS Streamer - 24 bit/ 192 kHz hi-resolution digital audio - pic4 CYRUS Streamer - 24 bit/ 192 kHz hi-resolution digital audio - pic2 CYRUS Streamer - 24 bit/ 192 kHz hi-resolution digital audio - pic1


Cyrus Stream Xa - What Hi Fi? Sound and Vision Awards 2015 - "Best Streamer £1,000 - £1,500"

Stream Xa -- What Hi Fi? Sound and Vision Awards 2015 "Best Streamer £1,000 - £1,500"

"Engaging and transparent, the Stream Xa has a rare knack for drawing you into a song and keeping you there."

Cyrus Stream X Signature - AUDIO review

Cyrus Stream X Signature

Cyrus Stream X Signature - AUDIO review
  • When it comes to sound the traditional brand shows why it has proved good and was able to win a lot of international prizes for 30 years. The British combo convinced us by the rich deep bass, which is in no way expressed in a roar, but expressed precisely and accurately.
  • Lets the groups of instruments merge in such a musical way and is a tasteful blend of clean structures, enriched by a personal touch. Components of character - that is precisely what the producer from the island is making since immemorial times.
CYRUS Stereo 200 & Stream XP₂ Qx - STEREO (Germany) reviewCYRUS Stereo 200 & Stream XP₂ Qx - STEREO (Germany) reviewCYRUS Stereo 200 & Stream XP₂ Qx - STEREO (Germany) review

Cyrus Stream XP₂ Qx & Stereo 200

CYRUS Stereo 200 & Stream XP₂ Qx - STEREO (Germany) review
  • Price / Performance: "excellent"
  • Once again this proves that a Cyrus device creates its proverbial musicality from the wonderful midrange. Even verbal contributions appeared unbelievably natural, colourful and in fact a little bit charming.
  • The sound pattern provided by the Cyrus combination is characterised by resilient easiness and rhythm with fantastic timbres carried by a downright outstanding and harmonious midrange reproduction, for example in Joe Jackson’s “Steppin‘ Out”. The tonal accuracy can be heard down to the minutest detail, especially in vocals and small line-ups
  • The Stereo 200 is one of the few Class D amplifiers that are able to take on the best of the comparable parallel classes A and AB. There is no trace of pale timbre or dull trebles which certainly results from the relatively high upper frequency limit and the trained ear of Peter Barlett who personally adjusts every device for the serial production.
  • The top-class Stream combines DAC, network player and pre-amplifier for rather reasonably priced 2790 Euros. Only an analogue input will most likely be missed by some people. Overall, this device is energetic and puts heart and soul into playing music while it stays smooth and deeply musical. The same goes for the super strong power amplifier. Kudos!
  • Measurements - Stream XP₂ Qx:
    • Distortion factor (400 Hz/-9 dB): 0.003 %
    • Output Resistance Cinch: 94 Ω
    • Output voltage Cinch ( 0 dB FS): 2.18 V
    • Power consumption off | standby | idling: 0 | <2 | 13 W
  • Measurements - Stereo 200:
    • Continuous Output into 8 | 4 Ohm: 175 | 286 W per channel
    • Peak output into 4 Ohm: 355 Watt per channel
    • Intermodulation at 50 mW | 5 Watt | Pmax -1 dB: 0.01 | 0.01 | 0.04 %
    • Power consumption off | standby | idling: 0 | <2 | 17,5 W
Stream XP₂ Qx - What Hi Fi? Sound and Vision Awards 2014 - "Best Streamer £1,500+" Stream XP₂ Qx -- What Hi Fi? Sound and Vision Awards 2014 "Best Streamer £1,500+"
Stream Xa - What Hi Fi? Sound and Vision Awards 2014 - "Best Streamer £1,000 - £1,500" Stream Xa -- What Hi Fi? Sound and Vision Awards 2014 "Best Streamer £1,000 - £1,500"
Cyrus Streamline₂ - Hi-Fi i Muzyka reviewCyrus Streamline₂ - Hi-Fi i Muzyka review

Cyrus Streamline₂

Cyrus Streamline₂ - Hi-Fi i Muzyka review
  • Streamline 2 played very evenly, at first even with a slight distance. Already after five minutes of listening could say that Cyrus cares about the behavior of the ratio between bandwidth ranges and do not allow yourself a moment of forgetfulness, even with a more aggressive and dynamic music. Unprepossessing chunk of the game just fine, pursuing the idea of high fidelity. What's more, it reveals the differences between recordings, but not Pastwa over worse realized.
  • Conclusion: Natural, versatile sound and rich equipment is a big pluses, but the biggest seems to be price. For 5900 zł we get a device that can serve as a home entertainment center. Simply connect the column and possibly other devices you want to use as the source of the sound. Streamline 2 is such a super-mini tower with audiophile twist.
CYRUS Stream XP2 Qx - Best streamer £2000+, Awards 2013
CYRUS Stream XP2 Qx - Best streamer £2000+, Awards 2013

Cyrus Stream XP₂ Qx

CYRUS Stream XP2 Qx - Best streamer £2000+, Awards 2013
  • Best streamer £2000+, Awards 2013.
  • Stream Massive Attack’s Teardrop and the Cyrus doesn’t lose a single ounce of the ethereal vocals.
  • It has all the hallmarks of the Cyrus sound: detail is breathtaking, the timing is razor sharp but never clinical, and the delivery is fast and uninterrupted.
  • There’s plenty of space at the top end for the music to reach a natural high without ever feeling strained or getting too bright, while basslines are agile and strong.
  • The Stream XP2-Qx serves up an energetic, enthusiastic and truly immersive performance
CYRUS Stream Xa - Hi-Fi Choice review

Cyrus Stream Xa

Hi-Fi Choice logo
  • Hi-Fi Choice awards the Stream Xa their coveted Hi-Fi Choice Recommends Badge
  • The Stream Xa is masterful with CD-originated material
  • Playback leaves you sitting with a big dumb grin on your face
  • If you want a new streamer in place of your CD player, this should be on the list
Cyrus Stream XP2 Qx & X Power - HiFi STARS review

Cyrus Stream XP₂ Qx & X Power

CYRUS - What Hi-Fi 5 Stars
  • "Cyrus upgraded its equipment for the future, but remains the high quality standards of the English brand loyal. The new Stream XP₂ Qx and the X Power amplifier in any case constitute a great, musical team, which combines British culture of sound and functionality. "
Cyrus Stream XP2 Qx - What Hi-Fi review

Cyrus Stream XP₂ Qx

CYRUS - What Hi-Fi 5 Stars
  • Best streamer £2000+, Awards 2012
  • This superb streamer sounds absolutely fantastic
  • Fast, precise sound
CYRUS Streamline2 - Best streaming system up to £2000, Awards 2012

Cyrus Streamline₂

CYRUS Streamline2 - Best streaming system up to £2000, Awards 2012
  • Best streaming system up to £2000, Awards 2012.
  • An undoubted star with stellar sound quality, ease of use and advanced functionality.
  • Open and dynamic, it extracts a stunning level of detail presenting music with brilliant clarity and precision.
  • There’s no edge to treble or softness to bass, leaving you to simply focus on enjoying the music. 
  • The real upgrade here is the improved file compatibility and sure enough hi-res 24/192 files sound superb. Listen to Muse’s The 2nd Law and lead trackSupremacy has incredible scale and power. 
CYRUS Stream XP Qx - Hi-Fi Choice review
CYRUS Stream XP Qx - Hi-Fi Choice Editor's Choice

Cyrus Stream XP Qx

Hi-Fi Choice logo
  • The Stream XP is one of a few products I have tested over the last year that has helped convince me it is time to rip my CDs and stow them away
  • What's important is the appearance of the sound it produces, wich can be uncannily rich, detailed and musical
  • I don't think you'll find something that sounds better, even if there are plenty of more shiny alternatives
  • Highly open and revealing sound; well featured
Cyrus Stream XP - TechRadar review

Cyrus Stream XP

CYRUS - What Hi-Fi 5 Stars
  • Impressive sound quality for a streamer
  • High feature count
Cyrus Stream XP - What Hi-Fi review

Cyrus Stream XP

CYRUS - What Hi-Fi 5 Stars
  • Wired or wireless the Cyrus Stream XP won't disappoint
  • Files sound great
  • Natural, engaging delivery
  • Awesome sense of timing
Cyrus Streamline - Hi-Fi Choice review

Cyrus Streamline

Cyrus Streamline - Hi-Fi Choice review
  • A practical and stylish way to access most digital sources
  • Detailed sound with clean and clear treble; plenty of digital inputs;
Cyrus Streamline - What Hi-Fi review

Cyrus Streamline

CYRUS - What Hi-Fi 5 Stars
  • Cyrus's first music streamer works wonders with digital music collections
  • Fantastic insight and exceptional timing
  • Energetic, driven sound
  • Stream a few CD-quality WAV files and the Cyrus makes an immediate impact, with a wonderfully open and inviting soundstage.
  • It extracts a stunning level of detail. Instruments and vocals are beautifully layered and music sounds fluid yet unhurried, allowing the listener to savour every moment.
Cyrus Streamline - Diapason D'Or Award

Cyrus Streamline

Cyrus Streamline - Diapason D'Or Award
  • "Cyrus Streamline is a network drive amplifier "all in one" providing consistent performance and good sound level as well as a great versatility"
  • "Associated with good speakers, it may be the heart of a high-fidelity system that's comfortable with many musical genres"

Cyrus Stream X2 - Hi-Fi + review

Cyrus Stream X2 - Hi-Fi + review

Cyrus Stream X₂

Cyrus Stream X2 - Hi-Fi + review
  • The Stream X₂ times precisely; leading edges are well defined and free from grain in a style that few CD players can better.
  • I have almost stopped listening to CD since discovering this and am coming to the conclusion that streamers are better than computers at delivering digital signals. This was clearly backed up when I put the Cyrus up against a Macbook running Decibel software, the latter had a USB connection to the DAC while the Cyrus was on coax which may have a bearing but the advantage was quite distinct.
  • The streamer has considerably more gravitas, there is a palpability to the sound that makes everything more vibrant and real. I used a superb 24/96 recording called ‘Chasing the Dragon’. This is one of the best in terms of room acoustics that I’ve encountered and with the Mac you get a good sense of the scale of the venue.
  • When the Cyrus takes over this becomes more solid and three-dimensional largely because the bottom end is fully fleshed out. This underpins the soundstage in a dramatic fashion and brings the music into your own room in a remarkably convincing fashion.
  • Delivers massive amounts of detail, the noise floor is very low so you can hear right down into the mix.
  • It makes for a palpable sense of realism with a great recording and makes you want to hear more hi-res material.
  • The sound is dynamic, never short on pace and opens up your digital files to an extent that few CD transports can hope to emulate.
  • Cyrus has succeeded in making an easy to set-up and use streamer that delivers the sonic goods.
Cyrus Stream X - Hi-Fi Choice review

Cyrus Stream X

Hi-Fi Choice logo
  • Several aspects of the sound will appeal to lovers of classical music in particular.
  • Detail is also good, indeed one of the best in the group. It’s there in plenty, but is never forced on one’s attention and it is kept very neatly in proportion as part of an over-arching whole. Nevertheless, if you want to hear exactly what’s going on in a recording, this is one very good way of getting to it.

Cyrus Stream XP₂ Qx Features:

  • Audiophile DAC preamplifier plus streaming engine that pulls audio tracks from your network music library
  • 24bit/192kHz upsampling Qx DAC: all connected sources will benefit from clock regeneration and upsampling the incoming data to 192khz
    • High precision quartz reference anti jitter: Accurate alignment of clock edges eliminates circuits timing errors
    • 24bit/192kHz upsampling: Minimise phase shift in audio band
    • Specially developed fully balanced analogue low noise 4 pole post DAC stage design: Flat response across audio band
    • Advanced power supply and multiple filtering techniques: Enhance the best possible DAC performance
    • Extensive use of Star-earthing: Minimising power supply effects on audio signal
    • Sonic benefits of the Qx DAC include smoother treble definition, wider sound staging and more tuneful bass that will ‘time’ better
  • Digitally-controlled analog volume control: ±0.2dB channel balance for accurate and stable soundstage
  • Network connectivity: Cabled (Ethernet) and Wireless (802.11g)
  • Multiple digital music sources: UPnP/ DLNA local network music streaming, Qobuz and TIDAL online lossless music streaming, internet radio, 3x Coax digital input, 2x Optical digital input, 1x USB A
  • Controlled using our Cadence App, you can search tracks from your complete library and play them at the touch of a button
  • High quality LCD display that navigates the menus and shows volume and the input selected
  • Aux Display Mode: Select large input name or sample rate
  • PSX-R2 socket to upgrade for greater resolution and dynamics


Product Overview

The high definition streaming system at the heart of the Stream XP₂ Qx is compatible with the highest resolution 24-bit music files, and is designed to make sure nothing is added to or taken away from the artist’s recording.

This product also contains preamplifier and DAC technology. The Qx DAC represents a huge upgrade to the way in which sound is processed by Cyrus systems. Whatever the resolution of the music going in to the streamer, it is upsampled to 192kHz high definition.

Cyrus QX DAC analogue filter stage diagram
24bit/192kHz DAC with balanced current output and low noise 4 pole analog filter design. Sophisticated regulation stages. 


Cyrus streaming:  MinimServer - Recommended install (including Synology and Qnap NAS users)

MinimServer - recommended App for Synology and Qnap NAS users:

You'll get excellent sound quality from your music collection using MinimServer as your DLNA media server.



Technical Information

Analogue audio performance
Preamp output (full volume, 0dB FS): 3.99V
Fixed output (0dB FS): 2V
S/N ratio (Pre-out, 0dB FS): >105dBA
THD+N (Pre-out, 0dB FS): <0.002%

Qx DAC specifications:
Audio output impedance: 47Ω
Frequency response: 20Hz-40kHz (96kHz Fs); 20Hz-20kHz (44.1kHz Fs)
THD: <0.002% (ref. 1kHz, 0dB)
S/N ratio: >110dBa
Dynamic Range: >100dBa
Channel separation: >100dB @ 1kHz
- 192kHz Up-sampling
- Accurate re-clocking
- Additional high performance regulated power supplies

Dimensions (H x W x D): 73 x 215 x 385 (mm)
Finish: Brushed black, Quartz silver
Weight: 4.6kg

Network connectivity
Cabled Network: Ethernet
Wireless Network: 802.11g
* UPnP / DLNA streaming, Qobuz, TIDAL, internet radio

Digital Inputs - 5 SPDIF (3 coaxial + 2 optical)
USB input

Preamplifier Output - 1 stereo preamp out pair (via RCA jacks)
Analogue Output - 1 fixed level pair (via RCA jacks)
Digital Outputs - 1 SPDIF (coaxial)

Enclosure: Cyrus Inverted die-cast chassis
Material: Lightweight non-magnetic alloy

CYRUS chassis
CYRUS chassis

External power Supplies
Highly regulated PSX-R2 upgradeable

Control Interfaces
LCD front panel display with twist & click control
Cadence App for Android and Apple IOS devices

Wi-Fi antenna comes with magnetic base


FAQ Streaming Music Players


FAQ Streaming Music Players

Q. How can I connect if I do not have a Wireless or LAN installation?
A. If wireless reception is limited or non existent and you do not have a LAN network installed then you can try using one of the many Homeplug products on the market. This allows the transmission of network data across your ring main. We have had particular success with the Netgear Powerline range of products. Try to aim for 200mb and above for best range and speed. Alternatively you can still stream from a USB drive, but for best use we always recommend streaming from a NAS drive.

Q. Is a computer the best place to store my digital music files?
A. No. It is fine to rip your music CDs on a computer, but it is best to store the files on a Network Attached Storage (NAS) drive. There are many benefits to using a NAS drive including:

1. The streaming of media isn’t dependent on your PC being switched on
2. Offers improved speed and stability
3. A cost effective solution to storing large amounts of data
4. NAS drives are quiet and energy efficient

Q. Why do you recommend using a switch when I have spare ports on my router?
A. The network switch solely deals with the routing of data and therefore transfers data more quickly and reliably between your networked audio devices. It will provide the fastest and most consistent level of data transmission between the Cyrus Streaming product and your NAS drive.

Q. Why do you recommend using a wired network rather than wireless?
A. For ultimate performance we recommend a wired network due to its increased speed and stability. This method is also independent from external wi-fi interference.


CYRUS streamers - How to set up your home network for streaming high quality music

Cyrus Stream XP₂ Qx rear panel drawing
CYRUS_Streamer_Guide_2014 (PDF)
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