Cyrus DAC XP Signature

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Cyrus DAC XP Signature upsampling 32bit/192kHz hi-end DAC preamplifier
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Cyrus DAC XP Signature - What Hi-Fi 4 Stars 1 Cyrus DAC XP Signature - What Hi-Fi 4 Stars 2 Cyrus DAC XP Signature - What Hi-Fi 4 Stars 3

Cyrus DAC XP Signature

Cyrus DAC XP Signature - What Hi-Fi 4 Stars
  • Play Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture and the XP continues to impress. It tracks the tiniest details with ease, delivering every inflection with pristine definition.
  • When the music really explodes the Cyrus takes it all in its stride delivering wide-ranging dynamics with plenty of composure. Once again we’re struck by the level of control here.
  • We’re pretty happy with the soundstaging. It’s impressively focused and nicely layered. 
  • If you’re already a fan of the Cyrus sound, jump right in. Even if you’re not it’s well worth a listen.
  • A fast, precise and detailed sound
  • Impressive clarity
  • Good upgrade potential

Cyrus DAC XP+

CYRUS - What Hi-Fi 4 Stars
  • It uses a very familiar box, but Cyrus's DAC XP+ hosts massive ability
  • Excellent DAC performance
  • Stunning insight and precision

Cyrus DAC XP & X Power

CYRUS - What Hi-Fi 5 Stars
  • Cyrus has taken an odd approach that works fabulously.
  • A terrific sound that brims with speed, dynamics and agility

Cyrus DAC X+

Hi-Fi Choice logo
  • Upgradeable; good ergonomics; strong and clear bass

Cyrus DAC X+/ CD XT SE+/ PSX-R

CYRUS - What Hi-Fi 5 Stars
  • Staggering resolution, agility and dynamics
  • Impressive timing and stereo imaging

Cyrus DAC XP Signature Features:

  • True balanced DAC/ preamplifier painstakingly tuned to produce the trademark Cyrus sound
  • All digital inputs are upsampled to 32bit/192kHz. - The D/A converter will upgrade any digital source
  • Sophisticated re-clocking circuit - High accuracy sources are digitally re-clocked by a close tolerance circuit with triple quartz references ensuring low jitter
  • Two entirely separate sections – A true dual mono D/A converter and a fully balanced analogue pre-amplifier. Keeping these processes completely separate means each can be given all of the power it needs on a separate circuit, avoiding any distortion or noise interference
  • Dual mono DAC cards - Dual mono DAC design improves the focus and the the clarity of the system
  • Fantastic detail and pure sound are ensured by the circuit’s expertly designed PSU - Based on a custom designed ultra low noise torroidal power transformer, the power is cascaded through a number of sophisticated regulation stages and isolation techniques that ensure each section receives an unrestricted, noise free, power supply
  • Extensive PSU refinements - Greater resolution from the analogue stages, the subtlety and emotion of the musical performance is preserved
  • Extensive use of Star-earthing - Ability to resolve to very low signal levels
  • Optically isolated digital control system - Control signals have no influence on the music signal
  • PSX-R₂ socket to upgrade for greater resolution and dynamics
Cyrus DAC XP Signature - Digital Filter Response: Fast or Slow roll-off Cyrus DAC XP Signature - Phase adjust: Normal or Inverted
  • Digital Filter Response: Fast or Slow roll-off. Gives two settings for the digital filtering of the DAC stage. Choose your preference of Fast or Slow roll-off by auditioning some of your favourite tracks
  • Phase adjust: Normal or Inverted. Sets the audio phase for the DAC. The factory setting is
    normal. Some listeners may prefer the inverted setting with their systems or for when playing particular recordings
  • Operation display mode: Small input, Large input or Large volume
  • Digitally-controlled analog volume control: ±0.2dB channel balance for accurate and stable soundstage

Product Overview

The DAC XP Signature features a true dual mono upsampling 32-bit DAC and a fully balanced preamplifier stage.

Cyrus DAC XP Signature analogue filter stage diagram  (Balanced Out)
DAC XP Signature:
Dual mono, four 32bit/192kHz DACs balanced design - Low noise, 4 pole balanced analog filter - Expertly designed power supply, sophisticated regulation stages - Fully balanced analogue pre-amplifier

The upsampling DAC at the heart of the DAC XP Signature transforms any music you put into it into the highest possible 32-bit resolution. The fullness, depth and quality of the sound this produces is really impressive. The amplification process of the DAC XP Signature has also been painstakingly tuned to produce the trademark Cyrus sound: quality and purity guaranteed.

Cyrus DAC XP Signature & Mono X 300 Signature
DAC XP Signature and Mono X 300 Signature


Technical Information

Digital Input: 500mV pk-pk 75 Ω
Digital Output: 500mV pk-pk 75 Ω
Sample rate tolerance: +/-1 00ppm of 32/44.1 /48kHz and multiples to 192k
Sample rate tolerance (wide): Any sample rate in range 32k – 192k*
Analogue Inputs: 200mV / 47k Ω
Fixed Out Level: 2.3V
Preamp Out Level: 4.4V
Balanced Preamp Out Level: 8.4V
Output Impendance: 300Ω
THD+N: 0.002% (0dBFS)
S/N ratio: 115dBA (PCM in, 0dBFS)
Dimensions (H x W x D): 73 x 215 x 360 mm
Finish: Brushed black, Quartz silver
Weight: 6.5kg

Digital Inputs - 6 SPDIF (4 coaxial + 2 optical)
Analogue Inputs - 2 stereo line inputs (via RCA jacks)

Analogue Outputs (unbalanced) - 1 fixed level stereo line output (via RCA jacks)
Preamplifier Outputs (unbalanced) - 2 stereo line outputs (via RCA jacks)
Preamplifier Outputs (balanced) - 2 stereo line outputs (via XLR)
Digital Outputs - 1 SPDIF (optical)

Enclosure: Cyrus Inverted die-cast chassis
Material: Lightweight non-magnetic alloy

CYRUS chassis
CYRUS chassis

Internal power Supplies
Dual 75 VA Toroidal transformers
1 x Toroidal transformer entirely dedicated to the preamplifier section
1 x Toroidal transformer with twin windings dedicated to the digital and analogue DAC sections
Entirely separate power regulation for the DAC and analogue filter sections
Two-stage regulation is used for critical stages with remote shunt regulators located within the heart of the audio circuitry.

External power Supplies
Highly regulated PSX-R₂ upgradeable

MC-BUS™ System BUS

Cyrus DAC XP Signature rear panel drawing
CYRUS_DAC_XP_Signature_Brochure_(PDF) CYRUS_DAC_XP_Signature_Guide_(PDF)
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